Repair Shipping Instructions

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Follow these directions to securely ship your items for repair to
Watch & Pen.

  1. For each item, provide a detailed description of the problems you are encountering, and what you have observed that needs to be repaired or restored
  2. Make sure to include your name, shipping address, phone number, email, and any other pertinent contact information so that we can communicate with you efficiently during the repair process.
  3. Package your items inside a small box, wrapped in packaging material and surrounded by packaging material to prevent any damage en route.
  4. Make sure that your contact information and repair details for each item are placed in the shipping box.
  5. We recommend using UPS and insuring your package for the value of its contents.  The carrier is responsible for delivery of goods in their original shipped condition.

Ship your items for repair to:
Three James Center
1051 East Cary Street Suite 112
Richmond, VA 23219 
 What to expect in the repair process:
  1. We will email you an individual ticket repair number for each item you have sent for repair.  This ticket includes our staff's observations on the conditions of your repair item upon our receipt.
  2. We will contact you with the estimate for repair of each item.
  3. Upon your written approval of the repair and TOS, we will discuss payment arrangements and order any necessary parts and begin the repair process.
  4. Your repair items will receive the best service and care possible, and at the best price.  We treat your items as irreplacable treasured heirlooms, the same way we would treat our own!
  5. We will contact you upon the completion of your repairs and ship them back to you.
  6. You will enjoy your brilliantly restored jewelry, watch, or pen once again!

Watch & Pen
 1001 East Main Street, Suite D 
Richmond, Virginia USA 23219-4029
Phone: (804) 648-6338
Fax: (804) 622-3722
Google Plus: Watch & Pen 
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Ship your items for repair to Watch & Pen in Richmond, Virginia.  We repair jewelry, watches, and fountain pens.

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